Tivo Rebooting Problem – Strange Fix

Ok so my Tivo was at the Bottom of a TV Cabinet where it was a little hard to control via the Remote, So I moved it ontop of the TV (it has a platform from the VCR/DVD player etc. But after a few weeks the Tivo started to reboot itself randomly..

After a Few failed attempts to debug the probem useing Suggestions from geekzone I tryed
Moveing it back to where it was.. And the strange thing is.. it had more Airflow ontop of the TV, But it was hiting 40C+ where it is now its only 36C.. So if your Tivo has the,
Same kind of problems, Try this.

Click the Tivo button, Goto Settings. and goto Infomation, then the Top option
Stats etc… Now on the 3rd page you’ll see the Tivo’s Temputure.
Mines now happy at 36C but it says 40C is normal also but i’d suggest keeping it well uder,
40C Happy Tivo’ing people and let me know if I helped anyone out with your Tivo.

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Mighty Ape are now doing Referral’s check them out

I was just doing the Geeky thing of checking out the Current PS3/Xbox360 Prices on Mighty Ape
And I just noticed thay now do Referral’s, How sweet is that..

Basicly you sign up for a Referal program with them, and you can Earrn %5 from the Sales your Site/Blog Referral’ed to them.. Sweet. Maby i can Afford to get some new Geeky toys after all 😛

You shuld realy check them out there one of the Best Companys I’ve used in a Long time.
And thay Ship world Wide also just just to New Zealand.

Check them out at Mighty Ape

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Looking for Work – Auckland, Henderson, New Lynn etc. IT / Tech Support

Hi, I am looking for some IT work in the Greater Auckland Area

My Skills sets are based in Linux and Windows Server Technologies.

I am very good at fixing software and hardware issues quickly and Professionally

I am looking for any full time work but on call would also be fine.

My Number is 0272465242, And you can check my WordPress blog for my Other contact infomation.

My Stuff, Sony W705 Phone, Tivo S3, P4 3.0Ghz with 1.5Gig ram, 1TB HDD, Radion 9600 Pro 128MbWin7
Need a IT Consoltant ? Check my Profile for my Info. Linux, Windows etc.

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Steam: Free Games Listing

Hay want to play some pretty good games on Windows / Linux

Heres a Link to the Steam free Games listing..
Posted here so more people can get them.

Check out Alien Swarm i’ll play withy some of you sometime.

Free Steam Games Listing

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New Bing Bar Released only for IE 7, 8 and 9 Also only MS OS’s

New Bing Bar. looks quite nice but why only IE? and only Windows 😛
Check it out for youself if your useing IE9 + Win7 it works quite well.

Link to Bling’s Blog

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I am trying to make 5 Million friends on Facebook

If anyone wants to Ad me as a frend on Facebook please Feel free todo so.

I Talk about Linux and Windows and share some Random
Pictures etc..

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A Geek for Hire

need some IT Tech support,
Windows, Linux and Internet related.

Located in Henderson Auckland, New Zealand
Local work and Remote Admin Welcome.
Virus Removal while you wait.
PC OS Reinstall.

Computers for Sale Internet Ready from $150
Support is just $25 Per hour.
PC Servicing Labour Caped at $50 + Parts + 10%

Phone: 027 2465242; 09-8365954
Skype: count0nz, MSN: count0nz@hotmail.com
Email: count0nz@gmail.com

No job to small or Too Big.

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