Cockroach PC Cleaning Service

Cockroach Infested PC – No Problem

At Secure Information Services
We know what its like to have a PC Full of Nasty Roaches
Don’t Throw you’re Expensive PC away it can be Cleaned or Repaired

If your Feeling Bad about it thinking someone will Judge you as being Dirty or something.
Don’t worry We know how you Feel. We Will  Gladly Clean/Repair you’re Computer(s)
For you…

Yes its going to Cost a little more than a normal PC service Due to the Fact that we will Totally Dismantle the PC and Clean it out completely And make sure there’s no Nasty Friends inside your PC

Normal Servicing cost is $25 per hour. and we will Charge an 50$ Roach Clean Fee.

But don’t Worry. that Actually is Includes the 1st Hour of Services/Cleaning.
your PC will be Cleaned for $50 and if its a Service $50 + 25$ Per hour after the 3rd hour.

Contact me at the Following
Cell: 021 159 3064 email:
Skype: count0nz Facebook: Facebook


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