Tivo Rebooting Problem – Strange Fix

Ok so my Tivo was at the Bottom of a TV Cabinet where it was a little hard to control via the Remote, So I moved it ontop of the TV (it has a platform from the VCR/DVD player etc. But after a few weeks the Tivo started to reboot itself randomly..

After a Few failed attempts to debug the probem useing Suggestions from geekzone I tryed
Moveing it back to where it was.. And the strange thing is.. it had more Airflow ontop of the TV, But it was hiting 40C+ where it is now its only 36C.. So if your Tivo has the,
Same kind of problems, Try this.

Click the Tivo button, Goto Settings. and goto Infomation, then the Top option
Stats etc… Now on the 3rd page you’ll see the Tivo’s Temputure.
Mines now happy at 36C but it says 40C is normal also but i’d suggest keeping it well uder,
40C Happy Tivo’ing people and let me know if I helped anyone out with your Tivo.


About count0nz

I am an IT Colsoltant in Auckland if you need anything Feel free to Contact me.
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