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Steam: Free Games Listing

Hay want to play some pretty good games on Windows / Linux Heres a Link to the Steam free Games listing..Posted here so more people can get them. Check out Alien Swarm i’ll play withy some of you sometime. Free … Continue reading

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New Bing Bar Released only for IE 7, 8 and 9 Also only MS OS’s

New Bing Bar. looks quite nice but why only IE? and only Windows 😛 Check it out for youself if your useing IE9 + Win7 it works quite well. Link to Bling’s Blog

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I am trying to make 5 Million friends on Facebook

If anyone wants to Ad me as a frend on Facebook please Feel free todo so. I Talk about Linux and Windows and share some Random Pictures etc..!/count0nz

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A Geek for Hire

need some IT Tech support, Windows, Linux and Internet related. Located in Henderson Auckland, New Zealand Local work and Remote Admin Welcome. Virus Removal while you wait. PC OS Reinstall. Computers for Sale Internet Ready from $150 Support is just … Continue reading

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